Profiler Hosting

ProFiler Cloud Hosting

ProFiler is easy and convenient tax filing software application for small and medium sized corporations. The application developed by Intuit manifests efficient taxation process in less time with high accuracy. ProFiler application calculates the taxes, detects errors, faster filing processing, multiple diagnostics and unlimited benefits of easy tax returns. The automated tax software application integrates with all application to allow easy access of data, sharing the files and quick filing. ProFiler tax software is leading tax software solution to file the tax returns for professionals and enterprises. Businesses accessing this tax solution get hassle free filing of the taxes for the current financial year and previous year’s tax files can be shared as well.

ProFiler hosting is access of the tax software on cloud servers or local desktop servers. Cloud technology is web based services to access the tax software to file the returns anytime, anywhere. Desktop is in-house hosting of the application which allows users to access on premise. All data and files are shared on local servers to create file returns. Hosted ProFiler imports data from the specified source hence users do not enter data manually saving time and making file return accurate. ProFiler hosting is available as various ranges of products like T1, T2, T3 and FX. ProFiler onePay is pay as you go for single tax return. ProFiler cloud hosting allows easy access to valid users on successful login.

Important features to know about ProFiler hosting:

  • Bank level security to online hosting.
  • Secure and reliable to host the application.
  • Very secure data management and recovery system.
  • Daily backups on schedules.
  • Multiple users can access and share the real time application system.
  • Easy to file the returns faster and get 100% accuracy.
  • Hosting providers offer cloud services at reasonable costs.
  • Real time application and data sharing.
  • Application diagnostic features to create accurate filing.
  • Customer support services are 24*7*365.