ATX hosting

ATX Hosting

Tax planning and filing the returns is core task of accountants and bookkeepers to operate the business operations. Today the process of taxation has become simpler with use of software applications. ATX tax software application is suite of features and functionalities to operate the tax filing for an organization. It’s popular software to manage the tax returns of small and medium organizations. It is equally productive for self-employed firms along with filing for individual purpose. Hence tax filing by ATX is easier for all either personal, federal, local or state. The application allows multiples users of the enterprise to collaborate on the real time application. The number of user access is predefined by the customer during the license renewal or purchase. ATX integrates with all the applications of MAC, Microsoft, Linux and UNIX seamlessly. Application integration makes data access easier and increases the level of appropriate file returns.

Benefits of ATX hosting:

  • Multiple user access.
  • Real time data sharing among the users globally.
  • Freedom of access anywhere anytime.
  • Data security and hosting benefits to SMEs.
  • Low cost hosting solutions.
  • No contracts to sign up and exit the hosting services anytime.
  • Dedicated customer support services 24×7 accessible via phone, email or live chat.
  • Regular backup






ATX hosting is done on cloud servers and desktop whichever is best suited to business needs. Customers can select the hosting method and use the application thereafter. Desktop hosting is on premise hosting of the tax application which allows user access to the professionals on the office premises. Users have accessibility on desktop servers and collaborate on graphical user interface application. ATX tax software hosting on cloud hosting is web based services accessible from anywhere anytime on user convenience. The app installed on small devices run the application to keep clients updated on business. Cloud hosting services are managed by hosting providers online.