Tax ACT! hosting

Tax ACT Cloud Hosting

Act! is contact and customer management software application for small and medium scale organizations. The application was a Swift page product which later acquired by Sage and today serves millions of businesses worldwide. All the customer information is stored in one place which is convenient for users to access any information at any time. Tax Act hosting is the process to the best usage of the application services. Professionals and accountants have convenience of company operation as all the existing customers and prospect customer information is all in one database. With a secure login to the Tax ACT online, users can share the client information on the graphical user interface application.

Tax ACT hosting by is secure services to manage the online web hosted contact and customer application. Desktop and cloud hosting of Act makes feasible for multiple users to collaborate and work in sync while cloud users have more flexibility to work anytime anywhere. Tax ACT cloud hosting users collaborate on real time application to share client information from any location. Act! is compatible software therefore it seamlessly integrates with all the application to easily transfer or access data of the customers. Act app installed on devices such as mobiles or tablets updates users on new prospect of customers or anything related to business.

Advantages of Tax ACT hosting:

  • Secure and reliable hosting services of Act on cloud and desktop.
  • Cloud hosting is online web services of the application.
  • Subscription based hosting services at competitive prices.
  • Simple and easy to manage all the customers.
  • Select ACT Pro, Premium or Essential customer management product.
  • Cloud services users do not need to sign up contracts.
  • Multiple users have access to the hosted tax software application.
  • Hosting providers offer backup, data management on remote web servers.
  • Hosting on cloud offers bank level security to protect data.
  • Robust data management and recovery system.
  • Real time and agile application hosting services.
  • Get efficient technical support 24*7*365.